I Miss You

Dear old blog,


You were always my favorite. I mean sure I have my other blogs, but you’re everything. I want you back…Maybe I’ll just change your name? No. I am going to have you back. Thank you 🙂

Scrubs :)

Finally got my own pair! So ready for Healthcare! I may get new pants though because they hug my butt. Which may not be “Professional”….

Come at me, Lopez!

Help me because I love you? :)

Panem October

So I planned to blog about ym sister’s surprise 18th birthday, but that will be blogged about later! I have urgent news!

So my Best Friend showed me this website.


Best. Place. Ever.

Well if you are a HG fan it is!

Here is my new profile pic 🙂

Here’s my Panem I.D!

My new catchphrase:

Come at me, Snow.

How Caelyn and Lena came to be friends

Once upon a time there were some Gorilla nest in the rainforest of Chebacabra land. In these rainforest there were some baby apes born. One day Caelyn the ape wanted a bannana so she went over to the other nest. At the other nest she stole the bananas from the other ape family. In the middle of ransacking them a little ape with curly. The ape with curly hir freaked out and yelled at Caelyn in Spanish! Caelyn was scared so she ate all the bananas. Then a flying dragon game and tried to attack the nest so they threw bananas at it. It died. That is how they become friends.


besty from another nesty!

Update? :) :(

  • Spirit assembly tomorrow
  • My brother played a lot in his game tonight, too bad I missed it
  • Grant and Rachel broke up and she hates me
  • Oh wait, they’re back together.
  • F****************ck
  • I really don’t know what to do right now
  • Oh on a blighter note Grant’s best friend is like in love with me now, I feel like he is going to try to set us up.
  • I lost my thoughts on everything great I was about to post because of that stupid…
  • I love Ashlei because she listens to my problems
  • Damn it my eyes are bloodshot
  • Why the hell did I start crying
  • Lena is weird 🙂 But it is okay because she is my besty from another nesty 🙂
  • Eff I need sleep


Jason hates me

Just so ya’ll are aware Jason says I deserve die because I tweeted about not liking Spanish. Yeah he went there. We have lives. We just spend them on Twitter in Spanish 2! 🙂


I love talking to Grant.
We have like everything in common! I am having so much fun being his friend. Oh and he loves how I am a girly gamer.
Ha I totally just freaked him out because we were talking about weather in Texas and I was like:
“Oh my gosh! My wardrobe would be sooo cute there.”
Then he was like … “Uh… O.o”
Here are some other things:
Him: Girls who do things that normally only guys do are pretty cool
me: Aww thanks I am a secret tom boy
Him: Not a secret now eh?
Oh and he thinks : “You’re a self respecting, non-submissive young lady.” about me. 
Makes me smile 🙂
Oh and he is helping me with my confidece.
Goodnight fellow dorks 🙂

I wasted a whole afternoon

Because I fell asleep -_-




I can’t stop laughing 🙂